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We provide educational grants to students at St Xavier’s School Godavari as well as St Xavier’s College and other colleges in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Sponsorship of Students at St Xavier’s Schools


Approximately 80 scholarships are awarded at St Xavier’s Schools per annum:


The selection of students is at the discretion of the Principal and based on criteria such as the student’s academic ability, financial and family circumstances.


From a sponsored student to a teacher at St Xavier’s School

During the 2016 visit to the school a former sponsored student approached John Brown. He was sponsored by the Charity from 2000, has many qualifications to his name and is now teaching at St Xavier’s School.

“I am thankful to the Charity for giving me the opportunity to study in this wonderful school. You have spread the light to many people’s life. One of those lucky people is me”.

Sponsoring Further Education Students

As the students under JMB sponsorship advanced through the progromme it became evident that sponsorship was needed beyond the first ten years of schooling. The Further Education Fund was created in 2007 to allow selected students from disadvantaged backgrounds to continue their education at a number of colleges including St Xavier’s College in Kathmandu.

There are currently 29 Further Education students studying a variety of subjects from Science to Management.

Contributing to the School’s Infrastructure

JMB Educational Fund has contributed towards the on-going improvements to the School’s infrastructure. To date, the Charity has supported the school library, a new basketball court, tennis court and football pitch. Since 2018 the Charity has raised funds for five new classrooms. 

Since June 2017 the School has commenced the building of a new academic block to replace many buildings that were damaged by the April 2015 Earthquake. This is a major project for the School over the next two to three years and the Charity is assisting in raising funds in the UK for a number of classrooms.