Making Educational Grants to the Social Service Centres

Social Service Centres

There are two social service centres run by the Nepal Jesuit Society located in central Kathmandu. The Social Services Centres provide a home for orphans, single-parented children, abandoned children, children at risk and differently abled children from various districts of the Nepal.  Its vision is to ensure that the most disadvantaged, the neglected and deprived children are protected, cared for and respected, and a sense of equality and justice is established through quality education as their basic right and that all become secure and self-reliant.

Here is a video about day to day life at the Girls Social Service Centre – Aruna Bhawan

During our visit in 2019 we visited both the girls and boys Social Service centres.

It was lovely to meet and chat with the students.  They made us feel very welcome and gave us a fantastic perfomance of singing and dancing.

Here are some photos from our visit and below a Christmas message from the girls social service centre.

In 2021 we received a heartwarming letter and a photo of the girls at the centre (below).

The photo left pictures the students currently supported by JMB at the girls Social Service Centre. 





Social Service Centre Statistics

Capacity of Boys Centre

Number of Girls

Number of Boys

Number of girls attending Private School

Number of boys attending Private School

Capacity of Girls Centre