The status of the construction of the New Academic Block at St Xavier’s School, Godavari in January 2018. Blocks 1,2 and 3 shown above.

Actual work on the ground Zero began on 12th June 2017. Prior to the actual concrete work, the school authority had to work on the planning, drawing, designing, presentation to the state authority for approval and receiving permission for the work. This initial important work took a long time due to various political changes, like the changes of government, new state order and structure etc


Blocks 1 and 2

With the consultation with Nepal Jesuit Society the school divided the Construction work in two phases. First Phase will complete the Concrete structure from foundation to the Roof. Then the subsequent phases will see to the completion of the building.

After planning and getting all the due permission the School called for a closed bidding of the contractors. There were five companies who participated in the bidding. With the evaluation of the consultants the school awarded the first contract to Samananter Nirman Sewa Pvt. Ltd., the first phase is supposed to be completed in 12 months’ time.
The construction company started to work on the ground from June 2017. Till December the work has progressed well after initial problem with heavy rain, political changes and winter cold.

There are five blocks in the building. The Block 1 was started first and the construction has reached to the roof. The Block 2 has reached to the first floor and getting ready for the second lab. The Block 3 is the link and staircase block four pillars have been erected from the foundation, Block 4’s ground floor has been reached and the pillars for first floor is getting ready. Block 5 is reaching the second floor the second slab has been casted and the pillars and tie beams for the third flood and roof is in progress.

Blocks 4 and 5

About 50% of the work has been completed for the first phase. The contractor company is positive that they will be able to finish this phase by the end of March 2018.