We are happy to report the excellent and rapid progress of the construction of the New Academic Block at St Xavier’s Godavari. Blocks 1-2 have been completed sufficiently to enable students to occupy the building and an opening ceremony has been conducted, blessed and formally opened the building. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Botany laboratories now occupy the New Block and lessons commenced on 23 July 2018.

The Opening of Block 1 & 2 of the New Academic Block


Students lining up to enter the new classrooms


Students at lessons in their new classroom


Lessons in one of the new science labs in the New Academic Block


One of the Science Labs in the New Academic Block


Father Samuel at the opening of Block 1-2 of the New Academic Block

New Phase of the New Academic Block

The next phase is to put the finishing touches to Blocks 1 & 2. The construction of Blocks 3,
,4 and 5 have commenced and we look forward to their phased introduction into the School’s daily life.

JMB Educational Fund have provided funds for two classrooms so far and the naming of these will be conducted at a grand inauguration after the completion of all 5 Blocks of the building.

Father Samuel writes in July 2018

Dear Louise, Fiona, John and JMB family

Greetings from SXG.

Thank you for the mail and the generosity.

Thank you for the donation for New academic building. With the grace of God, we could start the classes in New academic building block 1-2, we blessed the building on 23rd and started the classes. The building is not yet over, the finishing touches will go on. We have still blocks 3,4 and 5 to build and the land scaping to finish, this may take much more time.

We hope God will provide many generous souls like you.

Fr. Samuel Simick SJ
St. Xavier’s School, Godavari