Like many charities the demographic profile of our sponsors places the majority in the ‘elder’ category, making progression planning for future sponsorship income incredibly important. Recognising this need, Michael and Liz Taylor, sponsors since the Charity’s inception, now Sponsor-a-Sponsor, in other words they fund the Sponsor, and are appealing to others to follow their lead.

Michael has kindly written an open letter to all our Charity Sponsors describing the Sponsor-a-Sponsor proposition:

Dear Fellow Sponsors

Having been actively involved since the Charity’s foundation, we have gained immense pleasure from seeing our sponsored students grow and develop through their education. We have regularly communicated with, and been fortunate enough to visit, our students and this has been very gratifying. In fact we have probably benefitted as much as the sponsored students!

We have however reached a stage in our lives where we want to continue to donate to this wonderful cause but without any commitment or responsibility. Similarly, we are very keen to see the Charity evolve with the next generation of sponsors.

My solution is simple. There are a lot of young people out there, starting with our own offspring and their friends, who would be delighted to take on the responsibility of being a Sponsor but simply cannot afford the financial outlay with all the pressures of modern living.

So ‘Sponsor-a-Sponsor’. We pay, they do the work…well the communication.

I have now done this with four younger people, others, I know, are doing this for their offspring and even their grandchildren. The outcome is that they are extremely happy to be a Sponsor and be doing a worthwhile activity along with all the fun it entails (without any financial burden), and I am left with part participation but no responsibility.

I am recommending this scheme as an alternative to standing down as and when you wish to reduce your responsibilities. It has been such a pleasurable gift to give, and brings benefit to the sponsored students, younger sponsors and the Charity alike.

Please do email if you are interested in finding out more.

With kind regards to all my fellow sponsors,

Michael Taylor