Completed Blocks 1 & 2 and the Unfinished Blocks


Good progress continues to be made on the construction of the New Academic Block at St Xavier’s Godavari.

The First Phase of the building work has been completed and this consisted of the skeleton of the building, the super structure from ground level to the roof level (including the roof).

In July we reported that Blocks 1 & 2 (the Second Phase) had been completed, inaugurated and in full use by the students and staff. These two blocks consisted of 15 school rooms as follows: 4 Science labs, 5 regular classrooms, one store room, one staff room, one coordinators’ room, one multimedia room, one multipurpose room and one optional room.

The Third Phase will consist of the following:
– The construction of Block 3 which is the connecting staircase between Blocks 1 & 2 and Blocks 4 & 5;
– The construction of Blocks 4 & 5, consisting of a further 21 classrooms, 3 staff rooms and 6 toilet blocks.

The Third Phase has commenced with the existing construction company and the tentative completion date is July 2019.

The original specification of the New Academic Block was for 24 School rooms and a certain number of guest rooms. The School has now decided that there is a need for more classrooms rather than guest rooms and so the specification has changed to 39 School rooms and 6 toilet blocks, and the costs have increased accordingly. The current building costs have been estimated by a volunteer engineer from the Department of Urban Development.

Funding for the First and Second Phase continues and JMB Educational Fund will continue to assist in raising funds in the UK as planned. If you would like more details please do email:


Blocks 1 & 2 completed and in full use

Students in the completed Blocks 1 & 2

Block 3 is the connection between Blocks 1 & 2 and Blocks 4 & 5

Blocks 4 & 5 under construction

Another view of Blocks 4 & 5