PAWA (the Pan-Asian Women’s Association) is a London charity with a single purpose to support underprivileged teenage girls’ education in Asia and their motto is Educate a girl, Change a life. PAWA are sponsoring the education of 5 girls that meet the charity’s criteria through our Further Education Programme.

Five girls have been selected by the Principal Fr Samuel based on the criteria set by PAWA from St Xavier’s School Godavari. In addition, the PAWA sponsorship scheme specifies additional requirements; girls must between the ages of 15 and 19 and come from challenging backgrounds; 3 of them must be in the Science stream and 2 in the Management Studies stream.

The JMB team met and interviewed the 5 PAWA sponsored girls during their visit to Nepal in April 2019. The girls have completed detailed reports of their background and circumstances. There are also videos of the girls talking about their dreams, challenges and aspirations in life. They are all very ambitious despite the many challenges in their personal lives; all are aiming for good grades in the SEE exams ( Secondary Education Examination taken after Year 10, equivalent to GCSE exams in the UK) which they have recently completed and are waiting for the results in order to begin the final two years of schooling Years 11 and 12. They all aspire to have professional careers either as doctors, nurses, lawyers or accountants and they all volunteer at the School as junior teaching, admin or library assistants. During our visit they assisted the JMB team in organising the interviews with the younger sponsored students, compiling the profiles of the very young sponsored students, supervising the students in the drawing and colouring sessions and accompanying us on a tour of the village. They all speak, read and write English very well, are all very enthusiastic and confident in themselves interacting extremely well with the JMB team. It is a pleasure to be able to help these girls on their journey to a better more fulfilled life!!

One girl writes of her achievements and challenges in the past 6 months:
My main goal is to pass the SEE exams and I have sat the examinations but the results are not available yet. I got the Diana Memorial Award for Outstanding Student of the year 2018/2019 and I also got third place in a story writing competition among 500 students. My greatest challenge was Maths and ‘O’ Maths and I practised a lot to overcome it.”

Another girl writes of volunteering:
“I intend to volunteer at St Xavier’s in my free time and always be ready to help the School. The future cannot be seen but if I ever get a chance to fly the sky of success, I would contribute to a fund to help students in similar circumstances. I have been volunteering at the School in my holidays after class.”


JMB Trustees meeting and congratulating some of the PAWA sponsored students


June with 3 of the PAWA Sponsored Students outside one of the School buildings


The JMB Team accompanied by a PAWA sponsored student on a walk to see the Golden Buddah


A spot of colour on a wet and gloomy day