Image by Saraswati – The Twilight between Autumn and Winter

The JBM Team (Louise, John, June and Issy) met and spoke to all the sponsored children during their visit to St Xavier’s in April 2019.  After completing their profiles all students were asked whether they would like to join a drawing and colouring workshop.  The initial aim of the workshop was to obtain some images for Christmas cards which would be used to raised funds for the Charity.



The students’ responses were overwhelming and nearly all students participated, producing either coloured-in images or drawings of their own.  There were up to 15 children at a time seated at the desks focusing on their artwork.  The students had a great sense colour and there were many drawings showing the landscape of Nepal with open skies and mountains.  The workshop became a great way to engage the kids (as these images show) and the volunteers and there was a lot of chatter and laughter.








The landscapes of Nepal showing open skies, sharp peaks and deep valleys were a strong feature in these drawings from the children.












Some children drew what was on their minds and in their hearts and the images were varied and diverse.













The sponsored children also drew or coloured-in Christmas images which will be turned into Christmas cards to raise funds for the Charity.