In just over two years from the clearance of the site, St Xavier’s School Godavari can proudly boast several new academic buildings consisting of 33 classrooms, 6 staff rooms and other facilities. These new buildings will accommodate the expanded Years 11 and Year 12, Sciences and Management classes, and will also replace those buildings that were severely damaged by the earthquake of April 2015.

Site Clearance June 2017

The Construction of the New Academic building is in the last phase (final touches) before handing over to the School’s management. Nepal is celebrating the great festivals of Dashain and Tihar in October and the construction workers are given a break to return to their families for the month. They will return in November after the Chhath Parva (2 November) to complete the remaining works.

Construction work on all Blocks (1 to 5) has been completed with some snagging work to be rectified. Also clearing and landscaping and the building of a new basketball court will progress in November leading to the inauguration of the building which has been most appropriately planned for the feast of St Francis Xavier (the Patron Saint of Missionaries) on 3 December 2019.

Our biggest congratulations go to the School’s management and the Nepal Jesuit Society for undertaking and successfully completing an ambitious building project for the future of the children of Nepal. We look forward to seeing and sharing the photos and videos of the inauguration day of the New Academic Block.

The following photos show the different views of the new buildings and some of the remaining landscaping work still to be completed.

View from Loyola Hall

View from the Big Field behind Blocks 4 and 5

Behind Blocks 3 and 4 under Construction


Behind Blocks 3 and 4 Completed

Block 3 Staircase

Block 5 Staircase

View of Blocks 4 & 5 from Block 3

Corridor into Blocks 4 & 5

Water Tank

New Basketball Court area in front of Blocks 4 & 5

Pathway to Block 5

Side View of Block 5

Clearing the area behind Blocks 1 and 2

Survey Work behind Blocks 1 and 2