Hello everyone
One thing we have had a lot of this year is time. I was grateful to have some time to concentrate on my role as a young ambassador for JMB. Over the past six months, I partnered up with friends from University of Leeds (@TheHangouts) to conceptualise a series of fundraising events consisting of an exhibition, talks and workshops — all within the theme The Future is Female. The concept being to educate ourselves here in the UK to help educate disadvantaged young women in Nepal.
For obvious reasons, we were working within the COVID-19 barriers and had to pivot to align with the regulations. We decided to launch the brand ’The Future is Female’ with a first round of fundraising through a t-shirt campaign and a lovely slogan designed by The Hangouts. The campaign lasted 10-days (10 long days of instagram promotions for my followers!) and we sold 150 t-shirts and raised over £1,600! We are so happy that all of the money will be going on educational needs at the Girls Social Services Centres – Aruna Bhawan (find out more here).
We can’t wait to reveal the plans for The Future is Female in 2021 and continue fund-raising for this incredible cause. Wishing everyone the happiest and healthiest 2021!