I am a pupil in Year 12 at Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, Amersham and as a Sixth Form class we participated in a £5 Charity Challenge. When the initiative was announced I put forward the suggestion to raise money for the JMB Educational Fund, having visited Nepal and St Xavier’s School in 2016. The class then voted between three charities and JMB came out with the most votes. We were then all given £5 by our form tutor and we had a few weeks to try and ‘grow’ this initial sum. We all chose different activities as a means of raising money including babysitting, dog walking, car washing, baking, investing in Young Enterprise companies, tutoring and refereeing. Also friends and families of the class were very generous and donated money to the charity.

£250 was raised and is being donated to the New Building fund which we know will benefit all the students now and in the future. I visited the school after the 2015 Earthquake and saw firsthand the damage sustained to school buildings as well as the homes of many of the school students.

I’d like to thank Ms Nott, our form tutor, for suggesting, supporting and donating toward this fundraising initiative.

Angus Williams