Hear how COVID-19 is affecting the school in Nepal.  An update from Father Samuel, the school Principal.

Education Breeds Confidence Confidence Breeds Hope Hope Breeds Peace


We believe that education empowers young people and their families to rise out of poverty; so we support the education of children that are socially & economically disadvantaged in Nepal.

This year we are raising funds for classrooms

Funds (£) raised to date

Number of classrooms donated

Total Funds (£) to raise

Total number of classrooms to fund

Funds (£) to raise

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Video of School Building Inauguration

Our Work

Our work consists of:

Sponsoring students at St Xavier’s School

We provide grants for school children (aged 6-16) against clearly defined criteria. 100% of the school sponsorship donation goes directly to pay school fees.

Sponsoring students in Further Education (FE)

We provide grants to FE students (aged 16 plus) against clearly defined criteria.

Contributing to the School’s infrastructure

We provide financial assistance when requested and possible to do so

Making educational grants to the Social Service Centres


The Fund

The primary objective of our UK-based charity is to improve the lives of deprived children in Nepal through educational grants.

Our sponsored students attend St Xavier’s School, Godavari. Whilst the majority of the Further Education (FE) students choose St Xavier’s  in Godavari and Kathmandu, some attend other local colleges that accommodate their subject choice.

The Charity has a special connection with the School which began in the 1960s and is named after the founder John Michael Brown.

A message from St Xavier’s School Principal – Father Samuel

“St Xavier’s Godavari is immensely grateful to Mr John Brown and his late wife Diana for making that vital connection which has given opportunity for those children, who would not have had the chance to have quality education. We are indeed indebted to JMB Educational Fund for not only supporting our students while they are in the School but also for supporting the deserving children for Further Education (after they have graduated from St Xavier’s). This extension of selfless service to such students has given them hope and motivated them to do well and be better”.

At a  Glance

Young people currently sponsored

Number of Students 6-16 (46 girls, 36 boys)

Further Education Students (16 girls, 11 boys)

Number of Sponsors

School Facilities supported

Estimated Total Funds (£) raised since 1999

Latest News

Sponsors’ and Donors’ Survey 2019

In January, we sent out a survey to all our sponsors and donors with two main objectives; to gain feedback as to how the Charity is operating from their perspective and to elicit any ideas they might have. 83 invitations were sent out and 31 responses were received (a...

John Brown talks about the recent trip to SXG

REFLECTIONS ON OUR TRIP TO NEPAL 2019 As we celebrate the 20 year partnership between the Jesuits of Nepal and JMB Educational Fund, my overriding feeling is the enormous respect I have for the Jesuit Fathers at St Xavier, Godavari, the teachers in their schools and...